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Sponsor a Seudat Aniyim ("Meal for the Poor") in the Merit of Hoshea Ben Be'eri.
The poor will enjoy a hot meal – and you will enjoy Hoshea Ben Be'eri's intervention and blessing!


Every day, Mishan LaCholeh conducts meals for hundreds of destitute individuals.

We serve as your messengers for the vital mitzvah of "hachnasat orchim" ("inviting guests"), which, in our sources, is likened to receiving G-d presence Himself. We try to do so in the most respectful and beautiful way possible, so that our guests will enjoy their meal in respect and dignity.




Sponsor a Seudat Aniyim in the merit of Hoshea Ben Be'eri –

A tried and true segulah (spiritual catalyst) for success, health, and protection from all harm!


Our Sages say that when one sees harm befalling him, he should prepare a meal for others, and that merit will serve as a protection against all harm and as a catalyst to seeing true miracles. They add that once one's prayers have been answered, he should make an additional meal to display his gratitude to G-d for his salvation.


Seudat Aniyim – no matter the reason or purpose!

 Do it to have your prayers answered and your needs fulfilled, to display gratitude to G-d for the good He has bestowed upon you, or to mark a special family occasion.


G-d's help is only a Seudat Aniyim away!


One Seudat Aniyim for 10 destitute individuals
180 ILS
One Seudat Aniyim for 20 destitute individuals
360 ILS




Great Opportunity!

Sponsor two Seudot Aniyim for 360 ILS, and our messengers will pray for you and for your loved ones by the holy grave of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess. Click here for more information.
every single erev Rosh Chodesh (first-of-the-month eve) for 12 consecutive months! Click here for more information.



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