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Sources for the Concept of 'Seudat Aniyim'

Saadeni Va'ivashea

The famed Rav Zusha, of blessed memory, would conduct a large meal for G-d-fearing Torah scholars in order to 'sweeten' G-d's judgment. Once, when Rav Zusha himself was sick, he asked that a similar meal be prepared on his behalf, and indeed, he soon healed.

Rav Zusha would allude to the source of the concept in the words of the Torah verse: "Sa'adeni va'ivashea" ("support me and I shall be saved") by translating them as "feed for me" – prepare a feast on my behalf, so that "I shall be saved" in that merit.

An interesting story took place in the city of the holy Rav Pinchas of Koritz, of blessed memory. Once, following the circumcision of a new baby boy, Rav Pinchas was unable to stop the bleeding. All of his efforts were in vain. Various medications and medical suggestions were tried, different segulot were attempted, yet to no avail. The hemorrhaging would not let up.

Nearby, the tables were already set for the meal, yet nobody moved to wash their hands and sit at the tables while the baby's life was in danger. All stood around in deep worry, silently praying for the child's health.

Suddenly, Rav Zusha appeared at the door. As soon as Rav Pinchas saw the holy visitor, his eyes lit up. He rushed toward him with arms outstretched, and with the greeting still on his lips, he rushed to tell him of the distressing situation. Rav Zusha's gaze swept the room, taking in the set tables and the ready food, and he immediately cried in wonder:

"Why do you wait, then? Hurry up and wash up for the meal! The Torah teaches us (Shemot 24) "And they saw G-d and they ate and they drank" – when we see G-d's judgment (as alluded to in the Name "Elokim" used in the verse), the best malady is to eat and drink at a mitzvah-meal. Hurry and sit at the tables for it is the best thing you can do to turn the judgment to the baby's favor right now!"

Immediately, those present washed their hands and sat down to partake of the meal, headed by the two generation's holy men. Before the meal was over, they were relieved to hear the good news that the bleeding had stopped and the baby's life was no longer in danger. (Buzina Denehora)


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