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Seudat Aniyim Brings About Miracles

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"For years, we waited for our dream of parenthood to be fulfilled. We did everything medically possible, but nothing helped... Finally, we sponsored a Seudat Aniyim through Mishan LaCholeh, and our prayers were nearly immediately answered. Since then we make sure to sponsor a Seudat Aniyim upon every family occasion."

"Dear Mishan LaCholeh.

I am 32 years old. For years I was searching for "the right one" fruitlessly. Something was holding me up, but I could not figure out what it was. A friend convinced me to try the famous Seudat Aniyim segulah, and indeed, G-d helped. It is a year later... and I am happily married to the greatest guy and am the proud mother of a baby boy!"

"...I was ready to give up. My financial situation was terrible. We sponsored a Seudat Aniyim – which we could ill afford at the time! – and then repeated it a number of times. Three weeks later I found the job I currently work in. It was everything I had been looking for! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


Marital Harmony
"...screaming and fighting was the norm for my wife and me. We simply could not get along and our lives were hellish. One day, I told my wife that perhaps it was time that we try to sponsor a Seudat Aniyim together. 'If it can't help, it won't hurt!' I thought to myself. Shortly thereafter, things changed and slowly the wheel turned. I know it seems impossible to believe but there is true harmony in our home now. We ourselves were shocked at the way things turned out so smoothly. I just wish we'd have thought of this two years ago!!"

I Was Saved From a Car Crash
"Dear Mishan LaCholeh staff;

I'd like to tell you about something that happened to me recently. I occasionally sponsor a Seudat Aniyim through you – it isn't new to me – my mom would do the same and I've learned it from her. Well, one day a few weeks ago I was driving to another city for many hours. After a while I started nodding off over the wheel. Suddenly, I heard an unexpected loud voice yelling into my ear: "Stop!" and as I started, I saw a huge sign hanging in front of my eyes with the words "Ben Be'eri" on it. The scream woke me up and my foot pressed automatically over the brakes. I was shocked to find my car only one meter away from the edge of a cliff!!! When I looked up, I could no longer see the "Ben Be'eri" sign anywhere. It was Hoshea Ben Be'eri himself who had saved me in the merit of the Seudat Aniyim that I constantly sponsor on his behalf!"

A Child's Cure
"...I'd like to share something in credible that happened to me and offer my thanks to you. My six year old son was diagnosed with a severe case of juvenile arthritis. We spared nothing to heal him. He consumed tremendous amounts of medications and nothing helped until I had this idea, that my son will take the money he had been saving and give it himself to Mishan LaCholeh for a Seudat Aniyim, as a personal gift for him. Well, what do you know – my son began to heal –the doctors couldn't believe it! Today he is a healthy six year old, and all I can do is thank G-d for giving me the idea – and you for giving us the ability to do something that would truly bring about our salvation in a way that no doctor could!

Discovered Treasure
ג"One day not so long ago, thieves broke into our apartment. Besides for the damage they brought about and some money that they took, they also stole an important historic document which, for me, holds special emotional significance (it is also extremely valuable). I had no doubt that the thieves threw the document away. They had no way of knowing just how valuable it is! I could not get over the pain of losing it, and honestly speaking, I didn't expect the police to do much to recover it... a few days later the police contacted me and told me that they actually caught the thieves, and that they had miraculously admitted that they took the document – even though they had no idea what kind of valuable document they were talking about! Ever since then I continue to sponsor occasional Seudot Aniyim and await good news for me and for all other Jews. Thank you for giving me this opportunity – you do wonderful things!"


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