The Soup Kitchen


In the heart of Jerusalem, Mishan LaCholeh operates a central soup kitchen which opens its doors daily to every destitute and needy individual and offers a hot, fresh and wholesome lunch to approximately 300 lonely, hungry people.


A wonderful smell wafts through the open windows. The neighbors above and below are preparing to sit down to enjoy their lunch. Hot steam wafts in the air, smelling of wholesome, warm soup and the mouth-watering scent of hot, fresh food. The smells enters his own cold and empty kitchen, reminding him that lunchtime is near and that he is hungry, even very hungry, and that once upon a time, things were different. An ironed, checkered tablecloth would be spread over his kitchen table and a fine, hot lunch, the best in the entire neighborhood, would be lovingly served to him. But it's been three long, lonely years since he was left alone and the yellowing recipe book once belonging to his wife, of blessed memory, cannot produce her meals without her. At first, he made a few attempts of his own. He peeled a potato and cooked it for himself in some water, and put a small pot of pasta according to the instructions on the back of the package. But then he grew tired of it and gave up. Sometimes he forgot to shut the flame and everything was burned, and sometimes he simply couldn't bring himself to enjoy a dry potato or hard rice, and he filled himself up with a slice of bread which he had bought three days ago along with some cheese that he found in the refrigerator, nostalgically longing for those faraway days now gone forever. Then there were the times he would find there is no more bread, and would go to sleep hungry. It's hard to fall asleep when you're hungry. Everything hurts much more then. But what can one do?


Mishan LaCholeh's Soup Kitchen offers food to people who would otherwise die of starvation.


 Mishan LaCholeh no longer allowed this question to go unanswered. The wonderful people there decided that something more could be done – and they went ahead and did it. They did not sit idly by the steaming wafts of warm food in their own private homes, knowing that so many empty plates sadly await a warm meal in various Jerusalem homes, sometimes still dirty, in the sink, from the week before. There are so many lonely people who have no family to support them. So many people who have absolutely nobody to prepare for them, to cook for them. People who cannot afford to buy ready food or something with which to fill their hungry stomachs.

Mishan LaCholeh will not let them remain hungry. A special soup kitchen was established in the heart of the city. A large, fully equipped kitchen which produces warm, wholesome meals daily and which invites all the destitute and needy people in the city to come and eat. Approximately 300 people sit around the tables every single day. The food is prepared fresh daily, and is varied and of top quality. The serving is aesthetically pleasing, and the atmosphere warm and respectful. For many of the three hundred people who eat there daily, this is the only meal they receive the entire day! Among these three hundred individuals are some that, had it not been for Mishan LaCholeh's soup kitchen, would have died of hunger, literally. For each of them it is an existential anchor which allows them to receive something so basic and elementary – a warm meal. 


Mishan LaCholeh's expansion plan so that no Jew shall remain hungry

For Mishan Lacholeh, the existing enterprise is not enough. Jerusalem is a big place, and there are still too many unfulfilled needs. The place is simply too small to serve everyone. That is why, as soon as it will become possible, Mishan LaCholeh hopes to extend the soup kitchen in order to be able to provide a response to everyone, so that not a single hungry Jew will remain unanswered.