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Iyar 5767

 To our esteemed friends... at Mishan LaCholeh

and to the esteemed director, Rabbi Shmaya Schwartz


...It is with full hearts that we write to thank you for your generous contribution to benefit children with C.P. and Down syndrome, and to appreciate your important role in assisting with the transportation of the children and the volunteers who participated in the "Together in Hope" Shabbat Getaway which took place on the Shabbat of Parshat Kedoshim, Iyar, 5767, at the Galei Tzanz Hotel in Netanya.

With your contribution, you have become active partners throughout the day in offering help to those who are ill or needy, to the elderly, to the disabled and to the brokenhearted.

In the merit of your assistance to the activities of our association, may you be blessed from Heaven with happiness, wealth, nachat and health. May the sounds of joy fill your homes and may G-d fulfill all your hearts' desires in the best way possible.

With wishes for a happy and healthy summer,

The Association Management, Rabbi Weinberg and the entire staff

3 Tevet 5780

To: Mishan LaCholeh

We'd like to thank you for coming on Tuesday, 28 Kislev, the fourth night of Hannuka.

You offered us a party full of light and joy.

You have brought joy to the residents of the home with your songs, dances and sweets. In your merit, we felt the holiday atmosphere.

With much thanks and appreciation,

Yael Zeffel in the name of the residents and staff of the home.

To: Mishan LaCholeh

I would like to thank you from the depth of my heart for your contribution to the success of the special meeting between children in the hemato-oncology unit and their families with artists through the art workshop on Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at Hadassah Hospital. I am certain that the moments of joy they experienced on this day contributed to their mental strength and to the success of the difficult treatments.

Your special contribution and assistance made the meeting a success. May you be blessed with a good and healthy year.

With much gratitude,

Prof. Reuven Ohr

Director of the Cancer Outpatient and Immunotherapy Department

Tuesday, 11 Av

To: Mishan LaCholeh

Re: Mrs. Rivka Horowitz, volunteer

Mrs. Horowitz volunteers through your organization and has been working in our nursing home for a number of years.
With her pleasant demeanor and optimistic spirit, she nurses dependent women who cannot assist themselves. In a pleasant and quiet way, she feeds them, walks them and talks to them, thus succeeding in bringing a bit of pleasure and joy into their lives.

We wish her many more years of volunteering and giving with health and joy along with her family.
And to you, Mishan LaCholeh organization, we send our blessing for many more years of activity for the community.


Yaffa Spielman, Head Nurse

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