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Seiva Tova Club for Elderly Women


Mishan LaCholeh operates Seiva Tova, a daily club for elderly women at the heart of Jerusalem. The club operates daily, from nine in the morning until one o'clock in the afternoon, and provides elderly women from across the spectrum with recreation, activities, social life and a new reason to live.


Once, she had been a highly successful woman. She had a respectable job. She directed a full team of staff members, or perhaps guided many generations of students under her experienced hands. Once, her days began as the sun rose and ended much after midnight. She raised and nurtured a home filled with sweet children, and her life were one long string of accomplishments and nachat. But all that was a long, long time ago. Now, all that is left of these days are the memories and longing and the many, many hours of emptiness and boredom.  


Today, she walks slowly and heavily from the chair to the bed, using her walker. She reads newspaper headlines and dozes off, says a few chapters from her Tehillim and brushes a bit of dust off of the closets at arm's level. During the rest of the time, she sits and waits for someone to knock on her door, or perhaps call. She counts the hours, waiting for each to pass already. The world belongs to younger people. Women of her age, whose body no longer responds to them... what have they got to find in it?


Mishan LaCholeh opened the Seiva Tova Club just for these women

And then, one day, a new and promising sun shines just for her, and for many other women like her. Mishan LaCholeh opened the Seiva Tova Club just for them. Suddenly, there is a reason to get out of bed in the morning with a smile and with renewed hope. There is something to think about at night in happy anticipation. Every morning, from nine to one, five days a week, this special Seiva Tova Club opens its doors. It has brought back the light into the eyes of fifty women. It returned that glow to their faces, and offered them a reason to keep on living. They have a new social circle, comprised of women of their own age with whom they spend their morning in a warm, homey atmosphere. They have a full, enriching and satisfying activity-filled day. They create art, embroider and sew, each according to her personal ability. They hear fascinating lectures on many topics and participate in various interesting shiurim (Torah lectures) which transport them back to the joys of days bygone. 

Before they head home, they enjoy a nourishing, hot lunch, and then they take leave of each other, newly transformed women. Even their afternoon nap feels different now. It is the sweet sleep of one who has toiled and accomplished something in her day 


Mishan LaCholeh does not stop at the Club alone; it offers transportation in both direction too.

Mishan LaCholeh does not stop at the Club alone. It thinks of all the small details around it; of the women who will want to come but various disabilities may interfere with their ability to join. It thinks of those who may want to join – but the trip is simply too difficult for them. Mishan LaCholeh provides the answer with its signature thoroughness – special door-to-door transportation services, both to the club and back home. 


Future plans for the Seiva Tova Club for Elderly Women

Mishan LaCholeh wishes to extend this activity further. It wants to copy the success of the Seiva Tova Club for Elderly Women to the men, too. Plans are already in progress, and as soon as the right place will be found, that, too, will get underway. 

Mishan LaCholeh's Seiva Tova Club reaches out to those people who are dear to us, who have thought about us all their lives and now have nobody to think of them. It is all about bringing back the joy into their eyes. Even more – it is about bringing them back to life.