Monthly Newslette

 'Mishan LaCholeh is the one behind a special monthly newsletter titled "Meorot HaChessed" ("Lights of Kindness") which is distributed monthly in 25000 copies. The newsletter provides a varied abundance of rich, traditional Torah material, and is distributed in the various wards of the hospitals, in nursing places, etc.



It all happened so quickly, that he had no time to prepare himself for what was coming. The candle suddenly fell over, fire exploded, the baby burst into terrible screams like he had never heard before. The ambulance honked downstairs and he suddenly found himself inside, with a screaming one-year-old baby and with gripping fear and confusion. A young man, and so alone... it is Shabbat today, yet everything here is so far removed from Shabbat as he knows it. What is he allowed to do? What is prohibited? And what is happening to his baby behind the closed treatment door? Burns are a terrible thing; he always knew that. What is awaiting them now and in the coming days? Will the baby, G-d forbid, be left with scars for the rest of his life?


All words disappear at times like these. All the words of faith he had known, the lectures on suffering... he forgot them all, just when he so needs a kind and encouraging word to make sense of all that is happening and to revive him.


 Meorot HaChessed Magazine brings him new strength to survive the difficult hours

And then it comes, that kind and encouraging word he had craved. A colorful magazine is suddenly shoved into his hand. It's called "Meorot HaChessed." He leafs through it mindlessly, his mind elsewhere. Suddenly, his eyes note the words, and then his mind and heart soon follow. Who was it who wrote these words just for me, just for this moment I am experiencing now?! "Even if a sharp sword is lain upon a person's throat – one should not [cease to believe in G-d's] mercy." The power of Tehillim. Sayings by Sages of past generations are listed there, one after the other, filled with trust and so encouraging. He devours the words hungrily, feeling how they shower renewed strength directly from Heaven, to help him survive the difficult hours ahead and to pass the test sent to him from Above.

Meorot HaChessed is a monthly magazine published by Mishan LaCholeh in 25,000 copies. The magazine is beautiful laid out, meticulously edited, bringing the treasures of traditional Jewish thought to those who are far from the Sefarim closet and the atmosphere of shul (the synagogue).

The magazine is distributed in the various wards in the hospitals, in nursing homes, and even in various synagogues, raising awareness of the importance of chessed and tzedakah (acts of kindness and charity) and to the immense powers they hold. Every month anew, the magazine – small in quantity but huge in quality – offers a varied abundance of rich Torah material: encouraging essays, stories of miracles and salvations, tested segulot (spiritual catalysts), Parsha thoughts, a Torah essay, halacha (Jewish law) and hashkafa (Jewish perspectives).


The holiday magazines also include extensive coverage of keeping the holiday laws in limiting conditions for both the patients and their families, as well as special segulot (spiritual catalysts) listed in our sources regarding the holiday and its customs. It would be impossible to describe the life-giving emotional and spiritual sustenance these words bestow upon the thousands of pain-ridden and spiritually thirsty Jews, who have been searching for just that at this time.