Meals on Wheels


Mishan LaCholeh distributes warm meals to homes in which cooked food is not possible. Approximately 700 portions are distributed daily by Mishan LaCholeh to elderly or lonely people who cannot leave their homes, to homes in which the mother is ill or caring for a sick child in the hospital, to homes of women who had just given birth and require a short break to recuperate, and others.


...And one day the home collapses. Everything just falls apart. Sad children return home to an empty, cold kitchen, and spread some chocolate spread or tahini onto three-day-old slices of bread. Mommy, who only complained of some headaches until now, suddenly disappeared from their lives, leaving behind an endless trail of doubt and confusion and a lot of speculation and frightening talk of death. Okay, so the neighbor from across the hall brought over some soup, "so you'll have something to eat," and another one said that "if you need any help – I'm here." But they, whose beautiful and perfect home suddenly collapsed before their eyes, only lock the door and purse their lips. They do not want any help parades that will soon dwindle anyway. They'll manage.


As the oldest, the nine-year-old fries some eggs. Her younger brother peels vegetables. They even have some dry bread. They eat something. They did it yesterday, they're doing it today, and they'll do it tomorrow too.


Daddy runs around from one doctor to the next, crazed with worry and tension. Mommy writhes in pain. The tests are not looking good; the diagnosis confirms the worst of all. They are living on borrowed time. Who can think of the five or eight or ten children in the empty house right now?




Well, actually, Mishan LaCholeh does. And its volunteers don't just think – they act


Someone calls and informs the office of the case. Mishan LaCholeh need nothing more so that fresh, delicious meals will begin arriving at their doors, along with hundreds of other doors in Jerusalem and its surrounding areas. Sometimes it is the head of the household who is hospitalized or the mother who is bedridden. Sometimes it is one of the children, with a severe problem or special handicap, who is hospitalized for months on end while his parents helplessly watch as their homes begin to crumble. Sometimes these are lonely, elderly people who, if not for these meals, would have eaten dry bread with cheese for the rest of their lives, because they have nobody to prepare anything else for them.

Mishan LaCholeh thinks about all these people and about each of them separately. Approximately seven hundred fresh, wholesome meals leave Mishan LaCholeh's large, fully-equipped kitchen in Jerusalem every single day. The meals are packaged aesthetically in boxes. Day after day – as many meals as necessary. For months on end. A daily enterprise of approximately 700 portions which sustain people's souls and rescue entire homes from collapse.


The management of Mishan LaCholeh wishes to renovate the place, which has been offering its services for twenty years already and requires heavy renovations. They hope that very soon they will have the financial ability to bring this project to fruition, for the sake of the thousands of families who so rely on its services just to keep on going.