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Fruits and Vegetables Distribution


Once a week, Mishan LaCholeh operates a massive distribution of fruits and vegetables. This distribution allows large families with limited income to shop for these basics in a respectable manner.


"But salad is healthy, Mommy!" the children plead. "Can you make us real salad for supper, you know, with cucumbers and peppers and red tomatoes?" Yes, there really are such families. The children in these families do not dream of chocolate covered marshmallows or a tub of ice cream. They plead for salad and for one - just one - apricot, and for a real orange. They don't even dare go as far as grapes or a watermelon for Shabbat. It's good and healthy and filled with vitamins, but their money is depleted much before on purchases of bread, milk and on rental fees. Fruits and vegetables? They buy them occasionally, on Friday afternoon, when the half-rotting produce is offered at especially discounted prices...


Mishan LaCholeh tries to help the economically disadvantaged be able to procure the minimum.

But then, one day, they too come home with bags filled with goodies. A selection of the season's fruits, a red, juicy watermelon, eggplant and tomatoes and peppers and squash... The people at Mishan LaCholeh have thought about them too. Once a week, they conduct a massive distribution of fruits and vegetables for large families with meager means, for whom this is the only way to offer their children this basic staple. Boxes overflowing with quality produce smile at the shoppers. They can choose, they can take, they can fill their bags as much as they want. 

Every Wednesday, the doors of the distribution hall in the Beit Yisrael neighborhood open, and the crowds are invited in. The produce isn't only limited to fruits and vegetables. Piles of sweets fulfill the dreams of thousands of children.


Because the people at Mishan LaCholeh thought of everything. They want every Jewish child in the holy city to have what s/he needs in order to grow and develop healthily. But they also want to ensure that their father will not need to flush in shame on the way to that coveted tomato. The organization's future plan is to open a huge grocery store which will sell all the basic products that a large family requires at minimal cost prices, and that will allow large or needy families to feed their young generously, in a respectable manner.


Until that perfect place will be found, and until the necessary funds will be procured, Mishan LaCholeh continues the current distribution. Dedicated volunteers transport a huge number of crates to the distribution area. A devoted staff stands ready at the service of the hundreds of individuals who flock to the hall, all with the goal of providing people with the assistance and help they need, in the most perfect and respectable way possible.