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Accessible Transportation


Mishan LaCholeh operates a unique transportation service for patients or individuals with handicaps or disabilities. Dedicated volunteers drive the patients directly to hospitals and treatment centers. The specially accessorized and accessible vehicles are fully equipped with all necessary medical equipment. 


By eight o'clock they must be at the hospital. By now, she knows just what is ahead of them and how much energy this long day will demand of her. Yet another day of tests and treatments for her four-year-old in the wheelchair. She prepares their bags at night and get everything ready for her seven other children. She sets the alarm clock for five AM. No, it isn't' too early at all – it may even be a bit late for the amount of things they need to accomplish in order to get to the hospital on time. The morning greets her with pounding rains. She pushes and heaves the heavy wheelchair with the soaking child inside from one bus to the next. The umbrella she tries to somehow keep in her hand, breaks and flies away with the raging winds. The wheelchair does not collapse as it should when she tries to stop a taxi for their last leg of the journey. She is drenched, her son is beginning to lose his patience and to nag the way he knows to. When she finally arrives at eight thirty-six, due to impossible congestion on the slippery roads, she finds that she had lost her turn and it is impossible to know how much longer she will have to wait now.


For their next visit at the hospital, she orders a special cab. There is no way she'd be willing to repeat that nightmare again. No, she cannot afford it, but what kind of other choice does she have? By the end of the day she barely manages to pull the bills out of her wallet. Once, when life was good, two salaries would fill it. But that was a long time ago. It's been two years since anyone paid her any sort of salary. How long can a boss be expected to put up with constant lost workdays? Her disabled son and the various complex treatments he requires takes up the majority of her focus. And a special taxi from the remote suburb in which they live to the hospital costs so much... maybe next week she'll take the three buses to the hospital again. What else can she do?! 


It is precisely for such cases that Mishan LaCholeh established its organized transportation service for patients and people with disabilities.


She herself cannot do it, but there are others who can, and do. Mishan LaCholeh provides an organized transportation service for patients and people with disabilities, transporting them to the hospitals around Jerusalem and sometimes even outside of it. The patients suffer enough during their days of tests and treatments at the hospital. At least, let them be spared the hardships of traveling by bus, in the scorching heat and the hammering cold. Mishan LaCholeh offers them a smooth, painless ride to their destinations and an easier start to the difficult day ahead


Thanks to Mishan LaCholeh's Accessible Van – the "Nechonit" – leaving the house has become both feasible and accessible


Mishan LaCholeh operate a number of "Nechoniot" – accessible vehicles equipped with all necessary equipment for the transportation of patients and people with handicaps or disabilities. The cost of each such van, including all the medical equipment, is extremely expensive and ranges at approximately 300,000 ILS. Yet in many instances, this is the only feasible way to transport elderly individuals, patients, and people with disabilities to the various hospitals and treatment centers – and other places, too. Mishan LaCholeh offers its accessible vehicles to transport older or disabled individuals to family events or to other places which they wish and are able to join – yet cannot only because of the transportation obstacle. Thanks to Mishan LaCholeh's special "Nechonit" services, leaving the house is finally feasible and accessible to them too. 


Mishan LaCholeh hopes to add another "Nechonit" very soon, so that more people can be helped

Recently, a real need arose for another "Nechonit" van to help more patients and people with disabilities reach the hospitals and treatment centers, to transport elderly women to their daily club, and to respond to this vital need for people who are otherwise home-bound to be able to travel from place to place. Mishan LaCholeh is aware of this need and hopes to include another "Nechonit" to its fleet very soon, for the sake of all those who so desperately need it.