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About Mishan LaCholeh


 For countless people, "Mishan LaCholeh" is more than just a name; more than just another organization. For hundreds of thousands of people, Mishan LaCholeh is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is a new dawn, a whisper of hope, revival, and... life. Simply life.


No One Shall Go Hungry

Mishan LaCholeh is an incredible organization which was established in 1983 with the explicit goal "that there be not one hungry person in Jerusalem." Directing the organization is a most extraordinary personality: Rabbi Shmaya Schwartz, resident of Jerusalem and father of a large family, who also carries the entire burden of running the organization over his own shoulders and heart. Until Mishan LaCholeh was established, there were hundreds of people in Jerusalem who would go to sleep hungry, only to wake up the next morning to yet another day of suffering and hunger. Mishan LaCholeh put an end to that. Its soup kitchen is the welcoming address for all the people in the city who have nothing else to eat - whether because they do not have the money to purchase food, or because they lack the ability to prepare a decent meal for themselves. Approximately 300 hungry individuals quiet their hunger pains in Mishan LaCholeh's soup kitchen every single day, in a warm and accepting atmosphere. An additional 700 portions are sent out and distributed directly to the homes of families who, for various reasons, cannot provide cooked food to their children at this time.


Mishan LaCholeh Embraces Every Jew
With time, Mishan LaCholeh grew into a massive empire of kindness. It isn't only the hunger pains that its volunteers seek to satisfy; it is also the many needs of the individuals and families. The Mishan LaCholeh volunteers care for every Jew, no matter who s/he is, and do their utmost to bring joy and comfort to all broken hearts.


 Thus, the "Seivah Tova" Club for older women was initiated. In an effort to prevent these women from withering alone in their homes, the Club offers them recreation and social life, five days a week, all morning long. Approximately fifty elderly women participate in the Club, many of whom emotionally testify that this wonderful venture has given them a reason to live.


 Thus also came about the Bikur Cholim Project, in which hundreds of gifts and sweets packages are distributed daily in the hospitals, bringing smiles and joy to the hearts of suffering children in the various painful wards.


 Mishan LaCholeh considered the parents and caregivers, too. Realizing the difficulty in remaining at the child's bedside for long days on end, 500 food and drink kits are distributed daily in all hospitals in Jerusalem, along with a word of encouragement, a smile, and a comforting word.


Furthermore, Mishan LaCholeh set up a transportation system which provides accessible transportation for patients using the "nechonit" – an accessible vehicle equipped with the latest medical supplies and equipment necessary to transport handicapped or ill patients to the hospitals, to various treatment centers, as well as other important destinations.


Holidays are an Especially Crucial Time to Bring Joy to Those Less Fortunate Than We
During the holidays, Mishan LaCholeh volunteers work overtime. It is precisely during these days, when most homes are lit up by the excitement of preparation and joy of the holiday, that is so painful for those for whom carefree happiness is but a distant dream.


Mishan LaCholeh's soup kitchen offers chol hamoed holiday meals in a large hall for hundreds of homeless or destitute individuals. Joyful parties are conducted in the various hospitals, and special boxes filled with fruits and vegetables enable impoverished families to happily and generously prepare for the holiday happily just like everyone else.


Mishan LaCholeh has Changed Jerusalem

It would be impossible to describe the difference that Mishan LaCholeh has made to the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals who are sick, handicapped, elderly, or destitute in Jerusalem – or to the city in general. Yet Mishan LaCholeh keeps its gaze upwards, constantly planning and preparing bigger and greater things, hoping to reach out to more people and to offer more help and more joy to all those who need it.


That same gaze is now turned to us.


To me, to him, to you... to each one of us.


There are so many more Jews begging and pleading for help, their hands outstretched in a desperate plea. Mishan LaCholeh wishes to help them all, to give more and to bring additional joy to broken hearts. It only needs us to stretch our hands in support and assistance.


So that Mishan LaCholeh's generous hand will be able to keep on giving... and giving...  and giving...