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Soup Kitchen


Parties for the Sick

'Mishan L'Choleh' is an organization which has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews, and brought light and hope to their dismal days.


'Mishan L'Choleh' is not just an organization, but a true empire. The Chessed Empire in the Holy Land.


The wonderful people behind 'Mishan L'Choleh' have made it their goal to constitute, with their bodies and souls, their time and their strength – a source of support, help and assistance for those who find themselves ill or lonely, hungry or needy, in Jerusalem and its surroundings.


The Soup Kitchen, which provides lunch to 300 lonely, homeless people; the Meals on Wheels program, which delivers 700 hot meals daily; the Elderly Club, which constitutes both a pastime and a ray of light for fifty elderly women daily; transportation for ill and disabled individuals, a weekly, subsidized fruits & vegetables sale – each of these, and many other activities, has one source, one backing and one address – 'Mishan L'Choleh'.